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Sweet Springs Public Library

Internet Use Policy

Policy for using computers and the internet.

  In order to use the Internet at the Sweet Springs Public Library, the patron must complete an Internet Registration Form and have no outstanding books or fines.   


   Children 17 or under must have written parental permission on file, signed in the presence of a library staff member, to use the Internet.  Children 10 and under must be accompanied by a parent in order to use the computer. Minors should never give out personal information (Name, Address, Password, or Telephone Number) online.  The Sweet Springs Public Library does not assume responsibility for information accessed through the Internet.   There is explicit material and information that you may personally find offensive or controversial; therefore, parents (not the library or its staff) are solely responsible for information their child accesses from the Internet.  Internet users found viewing offensive material will have their Internet privileges suspended.  Librarians will use their discretion to determine what is considered offensive.

   Users must assume full responsibility of learning to use the Internet/word processor.  Library staff cannot provide in-depth training for Internet use; however, we can get you started and may offer basic assistance and suggestions. It is unacceptable to use the Internet for purposes which violate federal, state or copyright laws.  It is not acceptable to use the Internet to harm or harass others.


   In using the Sweet Springs Public Library Internet workstations, each patron agrees to the following rules:

  • The patron must sign up each time he wishes to use the Internet.
  • There is no time limit unless there is a waiting list. When people are waiting there will be a 30 minute limit. Patrons working on research/homework will take precedence over those just surfing the net and will have no time limit. The computers are on a first come first served basis.
  • Personal documents and resumes may not be saved on the library’s computers. They will be deleted.   Saving files off the Internet is permissible, but they must be downloaded onto a disc, not the computer’s hard drive.  Discs must be scanned for viruses every time they are used.
  • At no time will the user change settings, window setups, password, move/delete icons, change screen saver or otherwise compromise the library’s equipment and/or software. Patrons may not use computers for commercial purposes. Unauthorized access, hacking and other unlawful online activities are prohibited.
  • The computers are to be used for word processing and Internet research only—no Internet chat lines are allowed.
  • Out of respect for other people using the library and the Internet, no more than one person per computer at a time—with the exception of parents assisting children with research.
  • Permission must be obtained before any printing. There will be a .10 charge per page for black and white and .50 charge per page for color.  Full page color is $1.00.
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